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cpm.is // Hosted as static content on Github Pages.

manpage.chrismosetick.com // Unix man page style reference for technical people to learn more about Chris. It's a static page hosted on Github Pages and fronted with CloudFlare's CDN which is IPv4/IPv6 capable, rather than GH's v4 only CDN.
It was formerly hosted on a Docker container. Bonus points if you can name the man page that influenced my personal man page

modern.chrismosetick.com // A redirection to a Strikingly site that replicates Chris' Linkedin profile in an easy to read format that looks better than Linkedin.

the808.net* // Currently offline. Former personal web site used to explore technology. Always hosted at Chris' personal residence on servers Chris built from 2001 to 2013. Chris still has servers at home and is currently using them for other things while he increasingly experiments with cloud based technologies and infrastructure as code.
*May re-appear in the future.

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