Christopher Mosetick

DevOps Architect & Engineer

DevOps & Cloud Infrastructure specialist with over 10 years experience.

TailBliss Hero

DevOps & Cloud Infrastructure

Docker - Terraform - Packer - Kubernetes - Monitoring - Logging

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Specialist in Linux | Docker | Kubernetes | Infrastructure as Code (IaC) | Command Line Tools

I've been working with a variety of Linux distributions and containers for over 10 years. Both on servers, and as a daily desktop.

Also I've spent around 10 years with MacOS, mostly as a developer workstation. I've primarily worked with Linux and MacOS based operating systems to develop, configure and maintain infrastructure for a variety of companies and projects.

Additonally I have experience with Windows Server and BSD distributions.

Google Cloud Platform
Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services | Google Cloud Platform | Azure | Linode | Bare Metal Prototyping

Experienced with major Cloud Platforms